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      Platform introduction

      In 2014, the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department approved the construction of the public service platform for tea intensive processing technology in Fujian Province. The project is led by Zhangzhou Science and Technology Development Service Center. It integrates the technological advantages and R&D capabilities of Damin Food (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd., an instant tea producer, and Tianfu Group (Zhangzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology), a tea food producer, and employs experts from both domestic and foreign industries. Consultant team.
      Platform establishment

      Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Department approved in 2014
      Construction of Tea Deep Processing Platform

      Technology integration

      Integration Damin Food (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.
      Technological Advantage and R&D Force of Tianfu Group

      Overseas experts

      Employment of domestic and foreign industry experts
      Form a team of consultants

      The key and common problems in tea industry, such as industrial tea processing, tea extraction and separation, tea cleaner production, development of excellent flavor tea food, detection and degradation of pesticide residues in tea products, are jointly tackled and innovated to form a technological support service system that can lead the leap-forward development of tea deep processing in China.
      strial Tea
      action and
      ner Produc
      lopment of
      ction of A
      adation te
      Establish a demonstration base for tea deep processing in China, and promote the domestic sales and export of industrial tea, instant tea, tea concentrate, tea food, tea beverage, monomer of effective components of tea and health products of tea in our province.
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