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      Post-Exhibition Report of the Asian Food Ingredients Fair (FIA) in 2019
      date : 2019-09-13 source : Damin Food Zhangzhou Co., Ltd.

         From September 11 to 13, 2019, the Asian Food Ingredients Fair (Fi Aisa) was held in Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center, Thailand. Damin International takes with tea series, coffee series and herbal series as the main products, bringing more and more comprehensive trend application drinks solutions to Southeast Asia.

        Combining with the hot climate in Thailand, Damin International takes cold-extracted coffee and cold-extracted tea as the main test drinks, which attracts the attention and consultation of a large number of audiences as soon as they appear at the exhibition site.

          At the same time, Tai-style milk tea with special flavor of Damin-Tai black tea concentrate has been widely praised for grounding gas. The application drinks based on herbs cater to the international market trend and provide new ideas for the development of local drinks.

          During the three-day exhibition, Damin actively seized the opportunity and developed local channels besides displaying its strength and series of products, thus taking a solid step to promote the company's healthy drinks to the international market.

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